Walking Street (2016)

Walking Street (2016)

Genre: 18+ Movie, Adult Movie, Film Dewasa, Film Semi, Hot Movie, Semi Korea, Semi Movie, Sex Movie, Sexy Movie, XXX Movie

IMDB rating: N/A

Director: Lee Sang-woo-IV

Writers: N/A

Stars: Baek Seong-hyeon, Lee Si-gang, Lee Song-yi, Seo Ho-cheol, Yoo Ji-soo

Country: Korea

Synopsis: Sinopsis film semi Korea Walking Street – Find true love on the streets of desire! Tae-seong (Baek Seong-hyeon), who dreamt of a fancy life as a martial arts fighter, goes to Thailand with his brother Tae-gi (Lee Si-gang) who has no hopes or dreams and causes trouble wherever he goes. On Working Street where there are drugs and prostitutes, they meet Jenna (Lee Song-i) and their lives turn upside down. Escape, roam and sex…the passion of youth erupts!

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