Yakyuken Cannonball (2015)

Yakyuken Cannonball (2015)

Genre: 18+ Movie, Adult Movie, Film Dewasa, Film Semi, Hot Movie, Semi Jepang, Semi Movie, Sex Movie, Sexy Movie, XXX Movie

IMDB rating: N/A

Director: N/A

Writers: N/A

Stars: Hikaru Kawana, Makoto Yasui, Momo Momomiya, Rina Kawahara

Country: Japan

Synopsis: Sinopsis film semi Japan Yakyuken Cannonball – The chiller that a death game named ‘baseball fist’ covered with Shame and death is developed. ‘baseball fist’ which takes off clothes if Sakura, Makoto You, three people of the Reiko play rock-paper-scissors as an object of a national-scale bet and lose is forced. Three people blinded by the prize money participate in a game…..?

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